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Andrew LeMoine is a multi-modal Coach and Consultant working with both individuals and groups, with a specialized focus in working one-on-one with men aged 25 to 45.

Rather than utilizing one particular approach, Andrew prefers to work client/situation specific by integrating multiple methods, disciplines, and bodies of knowledge into his practice including, but no limited to: Integral Coaching, Expressive Arts, Performance Psychology, Martial Arts, and Evolutionary Health & Wellness. This approach allows Andrew the freedom to “meet clients where they are” and develop a service and support offering that truly meets his clients needs.

Andrew is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife and two daughters.

Andrew is currently seeing clients from his office within Le Soleil Health & Wholeness located on historic Whyte Avenue. Please visit for more information about Le Soleil.



Andrew’s style of integral coaching and consulting is for people who want to make lasting positive change in their lives, for themselves, their loved-ones, their communities, and the world.

You may not necessarily be in the midst of a crisis, but you may feel like your life needs to shift gears. The old ways of being and doing are no longer serving you and providing the sense of fulfillment, joy and enrichment you rightfully deserve.

You may sense that there is some deeper purpose to your life but are unsure what that is.

You may be feeling the need to change your career direction.

You may be tired of living out the same old relationship patterns.

Maybe you want to start a new business venture or project but are feeling unsure of how to proceed.

or maybe you just feel you could offer more to the world as person, partner, parent or global citizen.

Coaching & Consulting

I believe that every one of us is born with great unrealized potential deep within us, just waiting to be accessed and become a lived reality in all areas of our life, and that this higher potential is our birthright as human beings.


But the challenge is that this higher potential has been hidden under a multilayered armor of personal, cultural, familial and psychological conditioning which we have gathered along our way throughout life’s experiences.

At some point in our life we begin to notice that the way we’ve been living just isn’t serving us as well as it used to. This may not be a conscious thought but can arise as a sense of feeling lost, disconnected, ungrounded, stressed, frustrated, anxious, or depressed.

Sometimes cracks start to appear in the armor and the security of knowing what has been true about ourselves and the world looses its strength. Sometimes these cracks are tiny, sometimes larger, and sometimes, through traumatic life changing events, the armor gets cracked wide open.

Through the cracks we begin to see glimpses of the light. We sense the possibility of something more true, more right. We hear whispers of a new, more fulfilling, more real way of being, doing and showing up in the world.

Primal Health Coach Certified ExpertStraight blast gymIntegral Associate Coach

 International Coach Federation International Coach FederationWorld Arts Org



If you’ve been referred to Andrew, please call or email him directly. For all other inquiries, please complete and submit the form below.

Andrew is available for coaching in person, telephone, or via Skype.

We will do our best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

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